Friday, 20 January 2012

Block Party

Block Party: Is an exhibition of contemporary craft inspired by the art of the tailor. (image) The process of transforming the flat pattern block into three dimensional form is an enduring source of inspiration. The rich cultural heritage and evocative language of pattern cutting has stimulated a broad range of contemporary applications.
Internationally renowned for her unique visual art practice fusing fashion, art and architecture, the Crafts Council invited curator Lucy Orta to select works which engage with pattern cutting on a variety of levels.Looking beyond the garment, Block Party showcases new work by international and UK artists and makers that have embraced the interdisciplinary nature of this skill, applying the aesthetics and techniques of pattern cutting to their practice in innovative and unexpected ways.
This is a truly interesting and inspiring exhibition featuring a mind stretching array of ideas and work by some of Britain's truly inspirational thinkers, artists, crafts people, and designers.

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