Saturday, 18 February 2012

Laerge Hooge Andersen

Above: Exagerate hair growth could be the next clothing. Below: Bark fur

As with the pioneering work of Suzanne Lee, Laerge Hooge Andersen is also pushing the boundaries between science, textiles and fashion. Laerge's imagination and portfolio is shaping the future of textile developments akin to how science fiction has often become science fact.

Her graduation project 'The Synthetic Kingdom’ is a project that explores the possible fabrics of the future in fashion and culture. Lærke stops us thinking practically about textiles in favor of viewing textiles as conceptual expressions. She hints at the need for this abstraction, specifically in the world of textiles, as a means to keep things current. And current doesn’t have to mean technologically advanced, just future specific and constantly challenging.

Please explore her portfolio and open yourselves to the possibilities that being a designer offers, you shape the future.

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