Sunday, 25 March 2012


I love this idea and have never before seen so many men having fun with fashion, bright, fun, unique and with their genius branding 'Shite shirts' have hit the mark and at last made colour and pattern acceptable for men. A 'Shite shirt' can be made out of up to Eleven different fabrics and there is no control as to what fabric goes where on the shirt. "The name 'Shite shirts' came after many long deliberations.We wanted something that would encapsulate the peacock effect that the shirts were bound to have.A friend of ours suggested 'Shite@ as it is a Japanese term for the lead actor, the alpha. We think it works perfectly." Matt Weil

“I never thought owning a ShiteShirt could change my life in such a way. I have literally changed my approach to life. I get high fives and man hugs from the lads and lots of kisses from the girls. I go out much more and love the vibe I get. I love you ShiteShirts.”

Bob from Leicester. UK.

From the pictures posted on Facebook they obviously make the wearers feel epic!

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