Saturday, 23 June 2012

Emma Kerr


Every year over 10,000 people go missing or run away from home in the UK, and with this shocking statistic in mind, Emma Kerr's graduate show has highlighted these issues using upcycled garments such as dresses, shirts and blouses to help raise awareness. It is an interesting graduation piece as it involves so much type, but not printed on the surface, instead it is cut away (using laser cutters) or embroidered onto the garments.

“Second-hand garments have left their owners’ lives for many different reasons and portray a sense of a lost identity. This mirrors the emptiness and helplessness felt by relatives of missing people who have been left behind with only their memories of a loved one"

“I want my collection to not only represent the wearer but also the lives of other, often forgotten people, who are absent from normal society.” Emma Kerr

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