Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stephanie Liner

I was so excited to find this amazing and unusual work, it is by Stephanie Liner and is part of '40 under 40 : Craft Futures' at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on until February 2013. Stephanie's work crosses the  genres of furniture, performance, costume and fashion, these particular works being like faberge eggs or the princess chariots of fairytales.

"I create work using methods and materials traditional to the furniture and textile belt of the Southern United States, which become environments for characters and performance.  This work explores the connection between the human body and architecture, specifically the relationship between Interior and Exterior.  I am interested in the way social expectations shape and dominate the exterior, both physically and interpersonally, and how those forces impact the interior. One’s interior can either oppose external forces or submit to them." Stephanie Liner

The techniques that Stephanie uses may belong to furniture but the emotion and investigation of meaning and consequence belong to fashion.

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