Friday, 19 October 2012

Anne Sofie Madsen

Anne Sofie Madsen's SS2013 collection is both; illustrational, in that the clothes are like washes of water colour over the body opaque and translucent and anatomical, with skeletal references. As with all of Anne's collections it combines unusual fabric technology and pushes the boundaries of fabric combinations creating an interesting clash of delicacy and strength.
"As the theme for Anne Sofie Madsen’s collections change, the vision stays the same: A wish to show the well-known through the un-known and to use traditional handcraft methods and couture techniques within ready-to-wear. Anne experiments with materials such as leather applied to a fine mesh base, built-up collars with unconventional patterns, and hand-drawn illustrations printed digitally on silk or wool fabrics. The consistent play with contrasts and materials creates a look of mixed toughness and fragility to each design."
Anne Sofie Madsen (thank you)

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