Monday, 3 December 2012

Draw-In Light

Draw-In Light is a collaboration between two life time friends Harry Barford and Polly Wilkinson who both graduated from the University of Brighton witBA's in Printed Textiles with Business in 2008. In 2009 they set up their label having secured a studio free off charge for three months in Briton. From there they have had a meteoric and fantastic rise to success, mainly down to as Polly says "a freak accident" and lots of fun and hard work.
They responded to the call from Liberties for 'Best of British', queued from 5am in the morning and following their interview they had a studio visit where Liberties placed a big order.
"We sold out five times and Fearne Cotton then wore one of our pieces to the Sony Awards" Polly Wilkinson See full interview with Marissa Cox here and visit Harry an Polly's website Draw-In Light to view all their collections and see a film on how they create this unique look.

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