Friday, 28 December 2012

Milos Tomic

Fabric sketchbooks, scraps like in the Foundlings Museum collection or the explorations of Louise Bourgeois, fascinate me even more than a good 'paper' sketchbook that has been; handled, worked in, 'lived in'.
Fabric books especially when made from upcycled fabric, tea towels, ironing board covers and clothes, fabric that has been with people for a while has smell and textures of someones life imprinted on them, have a soul and a quality that gives me goose bumps, and it is with this sentiment that I am sharing the work of Milos Tomic and his 'Book of stains, holes and patches.'
In the hope that it will inspire you to make fabric sketchbooks, to gather fabric, and use this to work with in innovative, creative ways.

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  1. Interesting wee book with so many stories to tell amazing what stories patchwork tell, patched jeans or trousers too, in the 70's my mum at least used to lengthen my trousers with bits of Laura Ashley scraps.from ols dresses 1