Sunday, 2 December 2012

Silk - Elsbeth Joy Nielsen

'Designer Elsbeth Joy Nielsen from the Netherlands has discovered a way of producing silk without killing silkworms. Normally the worms die when their cocoons are boiled to loosen the silk; Nielsen's technique allows them to create a patch of pure silk while crawling back and forth over a platter looking for a place to build their cocoons. Once the panel is complete, they are left to pupate naturally. The resulting scarf demonstrates the material's exquisite beauty.'  Independent.

Knowledge of fabric and fabric production are important in fashion design and manufacture in this blog we have endeavoured to try to find you informative interesting links about this, you will find them under the tab Textile Technology. They might make you rethink fabric choices, designs and even in the future rethink fabric . . .
Thank you Irene

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