Thursday, 14 February 2013

Elvira T Hart

Elvira T Harts work makes fashion and fashion illustration become one where as when we take most fashion illustrations, designs and specification drawings and transfer them to fabric we remove the line Elvira's techniques are all about capturing that initial gesture and powerful mark making.

DRAWN CLOTHES AND WEARABLE DRAWINGS 'A lot of details contained within the first sketches are lost during the process of designing and executing clothing. By literally creating clothing patterns from the lines of sketches or sketching the patterns of clothing and cutting this out by laser, new shapes or suggestions of shapes are created. The clothing takes characteristics from the sketches: outlying lines, lines that trail off into nowhere and empty or unfinished areas. An image is reduced to lines, planes and areas which do not have to be fully formed or finished in order to portray their ultimate meaning:
it stimulates the imagination.' Elvira Hart

These designs by Dutch fashion designer Elvira hart are constructed from laser cut nappa plonge leather.

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