Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nadine Goepfert

Nadine Goepfert is a textile designer based in Berlin  who's conceptual work developed through tireless research and continuous experimentation creates new possibilities for textiles and fashion. Above are images from her recent exhibition 'The Garments May Vary' where she has worked with amongst other things; liquid pocketed fabric and memory foam in an attempt to capture in the fabric impressions of the wearer.

" 'The Garments May Vary' Is a collection of textiles that are not only flute or worn out, but actually change their form, structure, volume, motif and colour while in ordinary usage. The project investigates the daily usage of apparel and the associated movements of the person wearing it.These movements are accentuated and partially captured within the materials and surfaces of the garments. Each of the materials chosen is used to highlight a different form and duration of change. The garments seek to temporarily or permanently capture the traces, movements and behaviour patterns of the wearer. . . just after undressing is particularly interesting, since it transforms the garment into an almost abstract sculptural object that almost no longer remains noticeable as an actual garment." Nadine Goepfert

Playing with fabric and structure of textiles, gives you a whole new toy box to play with for the production of clothing, with this in mind try to visit all of the degree shows that are happening around the country over the next couple of months, and look out for the Fashion, Costume and Textiles displays. DCA show opens this Friday and runs for a week.
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