Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pinar Yolcan

Pinar Yolcan was born in Turkey. Pinar studied fashion design in London, now works with the media of photography however her artistic practise is still rooted in fashion as she hand makes the costumes for her models and her work is concerned with issues of beauty and status. Her costumes have been mainly created from meat and offal and so are perishable and transient, they have to be made on the day of the shoot or frozen.

"I think I’m so interested in raw food because of its transient quality. Anything organic that doesn't have a permanence shows passage of time and I am fascinated by that." Pinar Yolcan

The images above are from her series 'Perishables', where she created portraits of mature women wearing raw meat in colours and textures similar to their own skin
Pinar Yolcan's work is being exhibited by the Saatchi Gallery as part of 'Out of Focus' an exhibition of contemporary photography.

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  1. Disgusting, but facinating, definately food for thought.