Thursday, 31 January 2013


 Peter and Ryoko Leveritt are riding a turning tide, that will hopefully bring great changes to the fashion and clothing industry in Britain.

They believe in sourcing all their raw materials in Britain using traditional skills and craftsmanship and making clothing of a quality that harks back to an era when clothes were made to last because they had to. 
Peter and Ryoko are also ahead in that quest to revamp and get a pride back into men's fashion and clothing, creating timeless enigmatic style. 
"The clothes start with a historical reference point such as an old jacket or a picture. I like the idea of tailored, slightly dandyish coats that fit the body and collars that stand up." Peter Leveritt
Workhouse has been growing as a brand for over twenty years and has an annual turnover of £50000, with strong exports links with Japan. Hopefully following the recent launch of their online shop  they will go from strength to strength and encourage others to follow their lead.

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