Sunday, 3 February 2013

Urban Zen and Donna Karan

These are a few examples of the reflections collection by Urban Zen a simply beautiful and elegant collection. The epitome of New York chic successful company Urban Zen has an ethical outlook supporting artisans and having a charity dimension promoting health, well being and equality.
Donna Karan the founder of Urban Zen is a dynamo of creativity and business, after graduating she started working for Anne Klien and rapidly moved through the company ultimately becoming the head designer.
In 1984 she set up her own design house DKNY and 4 years later founded DNKY a more affordable line specializing in jeans.
With the Urban Zen Foundation she is attempting to connect all the areas of her life, design, beliefs and passions, using her success to promote her vision to fund, educate and change.
"I have founded the Urban Zen initiative to create a working structure for advancing wellness, preserving culture and empowering children. These are the causes that mean the world to me." Donna Karan

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